Steve and Billie

What Steve's been doing

January 13, 2010

Ok, as you all know, this is the first time I (when I say "I", I mean Billie) have updated the website in quite awhile. You also probably know that Dave, the oldest, has passed on. His passing was the reason for our trip to New Orleans.

Before we packed to fly down there, we checked the weather forecast, which said it was supposed to be about 40 degrees and mild. We dressed and packed accordingly. When we arrived, 20 degrees was the warmest it got, and that was on our last day there. This is the reason for the dearth of pictures. If the weather would have cooperated, and we had more time, I would have taken a lot more.

In this version of, you will be able to see just how frigid it was. There is also a few pictures of Greg flirting with a transvestite, which I thought was hilarious. Mostly though, I took pictures of Bourbon Street (during the day) and a few of the family, and of course, Greg and the tranny. Joyce and Patrick made it down for the services, and there are a few of them on here as well.

In closing, I just want to say that, after talking to people who knew him down there, Dave will be greatly missed. I only wish he had let me see the side of him that his friends saw. Have a good trip, Dave, and we will see you when we get there.  

What Billie's been doing

January 13, 2010

Working...and working...and working.  Our trip to New Orleans was good considering the reason we were there.  We almost froze ....  so cold there and no one was prepared for the weather we had - including us.